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    Backed by the largest independent ground engineering specialist in the world, and with over 30 years of local on-site experience, Keller Canada provides the largest variety of piling and geotechnical solutions in the country.

  2. February, 2014

    Fort Hills Driven Steel Pile Load Testing

    Keller Canada was awarded a contract for the supply, installation and load testing of 15 driven steel pipe piles. Full scale top down static load tests, lateral load tests and tension tests were conducted on 20 inch, 24 inch, 30 inch, and 36 inch diameter steel pipe piles. Maximum test loads were in excess of 12 MN or 3,000 kips. All testing was conducted in general accordance with ASTM specifications.
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  3. The driven pile <br>technique.

    The driven pile

    Driven piles are deep foundation elements driven to a design depth or resistance. The finished foundation element resists compressive, uplift and lateral loads. They can also be used to provide lateral support for earth retention walls. Driven piles are a good foundation choice when you have very thick layers of soft soil and/or high water table that would be problematic for a traditional drilled pile. They can be installed in one length or spliced for extremely deep piles. This technique has been used to support buildings, tanks, modules, process equipment, pipe racks, bridges and other structures.
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    Building Foundations as a Team

    The same team who starts on a project is responsible for it from start to finish. This ensures our teams have full ownership of their projects and provide clients with a consistent and familiar face to address any needs or concerns to at any point throughout the process. This also gives members of our teams exposure to all aspects of the project lifecycle. As a result, we have dynamic employees who are proficient in many different areas, and always learning new methods for quick problem solving.

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