Code of Conduct

Keller Canada’s Code of Conduct promotes the success of the Keller Group, taking into account the best interests of:

  • employees across the Keller Group;
  • the impact of our operations on the community and their environments;
  • the desire for strong, professional relationships with customers, suppliers and others in our industry;
  • the protection of our reputation for high standards of business ethics and conduct;
  • the intent to act fairly between the Keller Group’s different stakeholders
  • protect the health and sustainability of the organization and the on-going value we generate in industry; and
  • Keller adhere to a strict code of conduct and never compromise this code for the expediency, convenience or benefit of the organization.

Ultimately, we aim to be a sustainable business which earns the respect of all of our stakeholders by taking seriously our wider responsibilities. Looking ahead, we will bring greater definition to our sustainability agenda, as we continue to invest in our people, technology, systems and processes to enhance both our business performance and our reputation as a good corporate citizen.

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